• Workshops with Stakeholders at Delhi Judicial Academy

    November 7, 2017

    “I want to complete my education and become a big man one day” – Participant, Aadharshila Home

    “I have always wanted to help people and through my work, I’ve managed to fulfill that dream” – Member, Child Welfare Committee

    Be it the young, or the younger, everyone dreams. Our dreams connect us to our innocence and light, that makes us one with our being.

    On August 25, 2017, the Foundation conducted it’s second Capacity Building workshop at the Delhi Judicial Academy for members of Child Welfare Committee, Juvenile Justice Board and organisations that work in the sphere of Juvenile Law. A small and engaging performance by the boys from the Aadharshila Observation Home titled Khwaabon Ke Par – Wings of Dreams’, was followed by an Art activity that engaged all stakeholders on one platform and encouraged them to share their dreams with each other.
    A magical afternoon turned surreal because of the interactions that helped everyone understand and empathize with one another. It also promised to bring back the same innocence within all participants that helped them remember their lifelong dreams and aspirations.

    Our first session was on May 26, 2017 where 12 boys from the Aadharshila Observation Home for ‘Children in Conflict with Law’ had stepped out of the Home for the first ever time to perform a play. An intense 15 day Expressive Arts Workshop Module with the boys had helped us develop an interactive performance. Our focus was to use this time to expose the boys to a world of theatre and the arts. The resultant performance titledAadharshila Mein Ek Din– A Day in Aadharshila’ was created through personal stories and narratives, displaying power struggles in everyday life that the young ones face. This interactive performance was presented at the Delhi Judicial Academy for members of Juvenile Justice Board and Child Welfare Committee.

    The performance was followed by a Playback Theatre session with the audience members. Committee members of the Juvenile Justice Board and Child Welfare Committee were encouraged to share their stories with us. The Yuva Ekta Playback Theatre group brought these stories to life by performing them through different narrative styles. The idea was to contrast these stories to the ones shown by the boys and help them relate to each other in a session that was titled ‘Understanding Childhood: Dreams, Delinquency and Destitution’.

    The Delhi Judicial Academy is the premier institute for training new members of the judiciary and extra-judiciary bodies. As a part of their training sessions and curriculum, they organise conferences and discussions. The Yuva Ekta Foundation has been invited twice to the Academy to conduct sessions on ‘Capacity Building’ for members of Juvenile Justice Board and Child Welfare Committee.

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