Launched in 2017, Homecoming began with an idea to find mutual support systems. ‘Home’ is where we find solace and comfort, and ‘Homecoming’ does just that by bringing together Senior Citizens with ‘At-Risk’ children. For all our participants, it is a chance to connect and form everlasting bonds of friendship. Art becomes a medium for everyone to open up and share stories with each other, creating an environment of togetherness.


The North Star: An evening of collective stories and expression that brings all our Homecoming participants together.


We plan to get all our Homecoming participants together for an evening where the 'bachas' and their 'dadis' will showcase performances developed during the course of the workshops.



Running weekly intervention across three spaces for over a year now.

Planter up-cycling activity at Aradhana home for senior citizens

On 5th January 2018, we had our first interaction of the year at Aradhana Senior Citizen Home. After a brief warm up,the children from Bal Sahyog, a shelter home for boys in Connaught Place, ran into the home to meet their 'Daadis'. It was as if the entire home came to life as they shouted Happy New Year running around the corridors and peeping into the rooms. Wide smiles spread across the residents’ faces. We got to work in pairs for the day’s activity, which was to plant saplings in a disposable box and then paint it. They were all excited about the task. The residents held the saplings while the kids put compost into the planters.The elders made sure that the box was cleaned before they started to paint it. They exchanged various options to paint these planters and guided the kids, sometimes indulging them by giving in to…

To Painting Diyas and Cultivating Friendships

Last year, Denave India, an organisation based in Greater Noida,  presented us with an opportunity to display our work with Arts at a Diwali Exhibition in their offices. For us, it was more than just a presentation. It was a chance to connect and reach out. For this initiative, we organised a 'Diya-painting workshop' with citizens of Aradhana Senior Citizen's home and Bal Shayog, a shelter home for boys, under our newest project 'Homecoming- Bridging Generations'. Our effort in this project is to bring together ‘Youth at Riask’ living under ‘Care and Protection’ to inmates in Old Age Homes. This interaction is facilitated through Expressive Arts. Employees from Denave India also volunteered in this workshop and added a lot of enthusiasm and cheer in the atmosphere. Each piece was a story that we were proud to narrate. Many purchased items for Diwali, while some contributed to the cause. Each act…

Homecoming- Bridging Generations

“Dada, please sing for us?” Dada is popular. He changes the mood of the place with his energy sometimes.  With insurmountable happiness Dada holds his guitar and starts strumming his favourite tune. The ease with which he can play the chords is delightful. He’s got the energy of a 20 year old because once the guitar is in his hand he doesn’t stop. In his frail yet melodious voice he sings ‘A Summer Holiday’, probably remembering his ‘summer of 69’? The guitar is a collection of his memories, waiting to be tuned for whoever wants to listen. We are just the audience he needs. The Homecoming Project is about opening the doors between generations. Many like Dada have a sandook full of unheard, cherished memoirs that they want to share. Each trunk has a lifetime of experience, the feeling of loss, separation, joy, abandonment, withdrawal and a dollop of hope for what lies…