• Expressive Arts Workshops with ‘Children in Conflict with Law’

    November 7, 2017

    THREADS OF HUMANITY was launched in 2009 at the Sewa Kutir Complex with the play titled ‘Main bhi Insaan hoon’ with the boys at Aadharshila observation home for ‘Children in Conflict with Law’. The program expanded to include the ‘Waiting Room’, where we facilitated Art activities with children waiting for their bail plea to be heard by the Magistrate.

    While students from privileged schools and communities enjoy opportunities and resources at their behest, we realize that ‘Children in Conflict with Law’ fall under the category of ‘Youth At-Risk’. It encompasses that section of the young dividend that hasn’t been able to find its way in this ever growing economic disparity.

    In keeping with our vision of Equity and Social Justice, this is a Community Volunteer Program which works with the intent of skill and talent sharing. We invite students from Delhi University to engage with young offenders, and be sensitized in the process. Master Practitioners from different disciplines share their expertise for the workshops.

    The Foundation’s novelty in approach stems from the use of Expressive Arts to help engage young ones with self and society. In fact, this approach works best when you bring together young minds from different socio-economic backgrounds.

    In this spirit of rehabilitation, we began constructive interventions at the Aadharshila Observation Home in the Sewa Kutir Complex, Kingsway Camp, through ‘Expressive Arts Workshops’ that focused on building the confidence and communication skills of the boys.

    The Expressive Arts Program grew to include  SPYM SAHYOG de-addiction center, a home for ‘Children in Conflict with Law’ undergoing drug rehabilitation. An intensive module with workshops each day of the week enabled participants to create their own forms of expressions through different mediums like Art, Creative Writing, Music, Drama, Waste Recycling, Puppetry and Physical Movement.

    A few months later we added another important intervention to our work in the SAHYOG center– Kirloskar Brothers came on as our partner to engage with the boys in vocational training, taking them through pump repair and electrical training during their stay of 3 months.

    We are constantly on the lookout for like-minded individuals who can partner with us in taking this program forward. As one of our longest running programs, ‘Threads of Humanity’ has also become a way to reach out to larger audiences through Art-based community interventions.

    Get in touch with us to know more about how you can contribute.

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