What We Do

Diving into a foray of Expressive Arts activities from theatre and dance to puppetry and music, we have facilitated workshops at various facilities connected to ‘Children in Conflict with Law’. Be it the Observation Homes, De-addiction centres or the Waiting Room where children wait before their bail plea, we work with young offenders on a host of issues. The deeper we go, we find the need to address issues of identity and self-respect that run deep within these young adults. Arts is a medium to begin the process of healing.


A Pioneering Research Project on ‘Building Emotional Intelligence using Expressive Arts and Psychodrama Therapy with Children in Conflict with Law’


There is no substantial data to understand the positive impact of Expressive Arts on children facing trauma and exclusion in the Indian context. Our research study is a step in that direction.



5200 Number of ‘AT-RISK’ youth impacted through Threads of Humanity programme.

Home/Away International Theatre Festival

'For as long as anyone can remember, the Banyan Tree has been the heart of the Jahan Nagari. A resettlement slum, hastily cobbled together during the 'clean-up' drive of New Delhi, Jahan Nagari is populated with migrants who gravitated towards those with similar language and customs, as the city’s streets became ghettos, where opportunists sought to stake a claim. A microcosm of any big city, Jahan Nagari has its power centres, its dark underbelly, as well as its pockets of culture and refinement. Into this melting pot comes young runaway, Roshan, escaping from an alcoholic father and abusive stepmother, seeking shelter under the banyan tree. Through the eyes of a wide cast of characters, we experience the journey of the migrant, the insecurities and fears, and the longing to grow roots and call a place 'Home'. ‘Bargad Ki Chhaon Mein – In The Shade of The Banyan’ was a performance…

School Theatre Workshops @ Jahangirpuri

“I want to play football. Every morning before the school starts, all of us go to the park and play football with bhaiya and didi. Through this play, I was able to tell everyone what I want to be- a Football player!” -Shaina, 13, is a resident of Jahangirpuri and is the eldest daughter in the family of four. Shaina has a father to look after her and three of her siblings. Recently, they came in contact with another NGO that works with Sports towards empowerment. Shaina likes playing football and as a participant in our workshops, she got the opportunity to tell her neighbours and community members that she wants to be a Football player. Our second intervention in Jahangirpuri took place during the summer vacations in 2016. We conducted a 2-week long Expressive Arts' workshop with students of K-Block School, aged 13-18. A small portable cabin within the…

Intensive Theatre Workshops @ Aadharshila Observation Home for ‘Children in Conflict with Law’

“When I get out of here, I want to complete my education and support my family. I know I made a mistake, but I believe I can make things right. One day, when I have enough, I want to travel the world. Thank you for supporting me.” – Kabir (name changed) was part of our Expressive Arts program in May (2017) this year. He performed in the play ‘Aadharshila Mein Ek Din – A Day in Aadharshila’. In an exercise where we asked our participants to draw an object of desire, he drew a phone with his mother’s number before he broke to tears. Today, Kabir his pursuing a Bachelors degree in Cosmetics and working in a salon to support his family. We started working with a group of 15 inmates in the first week of May towards a workshop that culminated in a performance at the ‘Delhi Judicial Academy’ for Magistrates,…

Community Outreach Workshops @ Jahangirpuri

“I have realised that crime in the area will be reduced only when we work together. I would like to get associated with you and start working towards this. I would like to continue these workshops in the future ‘didi’ (meaning older sister, referring to Ms. Puneeta Roy in this case). Please keep coming” - Rinki, a resident of Jahangirpuri was part of our Community Theatre workshops. Her children study in the local government school.  “We can’t keep our houses unmanned or kids alone in the area because of constant threat to their lives”. Jahangirpuri is filled with such stories that need to be heard. Rinki particularly enjoyed pen-making as part of our up-cycling workshops. One afternoon during the mirror exercise, she broke down as she received love and affection from her fellow participant that she hadn’t received in her own home. Our entry into Jahangir Puri comes at the…

Expressive Arts Workshops with ‘Children in Conflict with Law’

THREADS OF HUMANITY was launched in 2009 at the Sewa Kutir Complex with the play titled 'Main bhi Insaan hoon' with the boys at Aadharshila observation home for 'Children in Conflict with Law'. The program expanded to include the 'Waiting Room', where we facilitated Art activities with children waiting for their bail plea to be heard by the Magistrate. While students from privileged schools and communities enjoy opportunities and resources at their behest, we realize that ‘Children in Conflict with Law’ fall under the category of ‘Youth At-Risk’. It encompasses that section of the young dividend that hasn’t been able to find its way in this ever growing economic disparity. In keeping with our vision of Equity and Social Justice, this is a Community Volunteer Program which works with the intent of skill and talent sharing. We invite students from Delhi University to engage with young offenders, and be sensitized in…

Workshops with Stakeholders at Delhi Judicial Academy

“I want to complete my education and become a big man one day” – Participant, Aadharshila Home “I have always wanted to help people and through my work, I’ve managed to fulfill that dream” – Member, Child Welfare Committee Be it the young, or the younger, everyone dreams. Our dreams connect us to our innocence and light, that makes us one with our being. On August 25, 2017, the Foundation conducted it’s second Capacity Building workshop at the Delhi Judicial Academy for members of Child Welfare Committee, Juvenile Justice Board and organisations that work in the sphere of Juvenile Law. A small and engaging performance by the boys from the Aadharshila Observation Home titled ‘Khwaabon Ke Par – Wings of Dreams’, was followed by an Art activity that engaged all stakeholders on one platform and encouraged them to share their dreams with each other. A magical afternoon turned surreal because of the interactions that helped everyone understand and empathize with one…