• Intensive Theatre Workshops @ Aadharshila Observation Home for ‘Children in Conflict with Law’

    November 7, 2017

    “When I get out of here, I want to complete my education and support my family. I know I made a mistake, but I believe I can make things right. One day, when I have enough, I want to travel the world. Thank you for supporting me.”

    – Kabir (name changed) was part of our Expressive Arts program in May (2017) this year. He performed in the play Aadharshila Mein Ek Din – A Day in Aadharshila’. In an exercise where we asked our participants to draw an object of desire, he drew a phone with his mother’s number before he broke to tears. Today, Kabir his pursuing a Bachelors degree in Cosmetics and working in a salon to support his family.

    We started working with a group of 15 inmates in the first week of May towards a workshop that culminated in a performance at the ‘Delhi Judicial Academy’ for Magistrates, members of Juvenile Justice Board and Child Welfare Committee . We explored the idea of ‘Dreams, Delinquency and Destitution’ in the context of ‘Youth at Risk’.

    We started our workshops by introducing the children to basic theatre warm-ups and creative exercises before slowly moving on to ‘childhood dreams and aspirations’. Once we got to this playful core, the task ahead become easier and smoother. Participants shared their stories, circumstances, future goals, inhibitions and restrictions that have shaped their lives today. We also explored enabling oneself to overcome these barriers and look for respect where it matters the most: to the Self.

    Working at the Home only strengthens our resolve in the core vision of the Foundation, that of equity and social justice. We do hope that this time spent can only pave way for more work in the future that is centered on the idea of healing and empowerment.

    Many like Kabir have taken this chance and flesh out their aspirations from paper to real life. After a decade of work in the Sewa Kutir Complex, we feel the need to reach out to more children ‘Under Care and Protection’. If you’re interested in contributing to this program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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