Our Vision is to create a Society where every individual has Dignity, Self-Worth and is Empowered to express, irrespective of any barriers and stereotypes.

All our exhibitions, workshops and performances symbolize this vision. Participants from privileged and marginalized backgrounds come together, sharing their lives and experiences with each other. A diversity of realities often leads to empathy, sensitivity and mutual respect.

This workshop was an incredible experience for Sonia, Varju, Jamna, Babita and Gudiya. In 14-15 days there was a lot of change in their confidence levels. We come from tribal communities and for us to even come to Jaipur and interact with students studying in English Medium Schools is an overwhelming experience. Here in these workshops everyone irrespective of their language and class got an equal opportunity to state their point across. Our students experienced a new place, new people and got exposed to a new culture altogether, and this a long way in shaping their dreams.

Navli Kumari, Coordinator, Jan Chetna Sansthan

Jan Chetna Sansthan has been one of our constant partners at the Jaipur Literature Festival’s Youth Outreach Program. After their first experience with us, they stress on sending first-generation women learners to get a cultural exposure through our outreach.