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People behind the idea for social change and development


A Media professional working in Film & Television for over 25 years, Puneeta has produced social documentaries, corporate films for leading private and public sector companies, as well as Television programs under the banner of Perspective Films Pvt. Ltd.

She is a core team member of the Karmic Research Center, a space that focuses on the well being of an individual, from a holistic point of view. This training has worked well to support the work she does with young people in the form of healing and empowerment as well as Theatre Workshops, enabling them to constantly break new boundaries and become more aware of themselves.

At present she has integrated her work in theatre, film and television into her work at The Foundation. The canvas of youth has extended to include ‘Juveniles in Conflict with Law’, through the Threads of Humanity program.  Puneeta sees tremendous potential in the youth of today, and believes that through them, positive social change will happen. As she dreams of setting up a Global Youth Citizenship Network, her vision is directed towards building a more equitable society, one in which underprivileged youth engage with their more fortunate peers, learn from each other and together create a more loving, sustainable planet.


Dilip Shankar is an actor, producer, director, singer – who uses all these tools for empowering others. The whole purpose of his life is and has been enrichment through creative expression.

Through the purpose of enrichment were guided all his activities – from acting as a child to being a radio jockey, to serious theatre, and then, the understanding of creativity in all its aspects by working in various projects as director sometimes, producer at others, as actor sometimes, or as casting director.

Now this has matured into a focused drive of using all creative tools for enrichment and empowerment of individuals. This clarity of purpose has come about through his work with children especially, and also with adults via workshops, discussions and meditations.

His own growth curve has been responsible for this clarity of purpose as well. Intense work on himself and understanding of the human being as a creative channel of the Universe has changed his perspective to a large extent of how and why creative expression should be done. Creativity at its best has great potential to bring about significant and long lasting change in the destiny of the Universe.

This now drives all his activities. He explores all mediums of communication and work extensively with meditation as an empowering tool, and all theatre exercises as part of his tool kit.


Mrinalini Chawla prefers not to confine herself into one professional role – since the mind, imagination and creative skills a human being can work with – are quite unlimited!

Instead, she has chosen to journey with various mediums such as

Theatre production, set design, acting, administration and the facilitating of theatre, art and recycling workshops, through a Delhi based society called the Centre for Creative Expressions.

Being a graphic designer, she also designs funky home utility items – the most recent of which was inspired by Ravi Varma’s oleographs. Post its launch, till September 2012, she was Show Running Director of the musical Jhumroo, at the Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon.

Currently, she runs a design studio in New Delhi called “the 20 drawers studio”, where she welcomes people to come join her for coffee, while designs and ideas are seriously contemplated.