• The Young Visionary Festival- 2009

    November 14, 2017

    The Young Visionary 2009 focused primarily on the “Stakeholder” – the individual and Human Being as we tried to understand what it means to be HUMAN and  the core values are by which we define our “human-ness”. In the current scenario of competitiveness, are we merely reinforcing the “dog-eat-dog scenario” with our children? Is there a more humane way of achieving our dreams? And how does that impact on our relationship with our planet, our environment?

    With that intention, the festival covered issues of Waste Management, Right To Information and Human Rights. A change in venue from Bal Bhawan to Gandhi Darshan also brought a change in emphasis. It was attended by by over 2000 students from 8 private schools, 12 government schools and 9 NGOs across different parts of India and various institutions from across the country. Activists from the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan, who had pioneered the cause of Right to Information had graced the occasion with their presence. Key speakers like Mr. Deep Joshi, Swami Agnivesh, Mr. Ravi Aggarwal and Mr. Rakesh Mohan laid emphasis on the declining values in our ecosphere and the need for co-dependence between man and nature to save the environment.

    Discussions on Human Rights were a key component of the festival. It was an effort to realise the value of human  duty towards social evils that plague us. Field Trips prior to the festival to urban slums and The Yamuna Bio-diversity Park opened up the students to lifestyles and surrounding beyond their comfort zones. These experiences, coupled with interactive sessions and a creative display of music, theatre and art were an eye-opener for participants.

    The Festival was concluded with an Action Plan that included steps the student fraternity can implement at various levels: of the household, the school and the community to bring changes in and around themselves.



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