• Small Wonder

    November 8, 2017

    I have, in my own small ways, since many years, dedicated a part of my so called ‘artistic abilities’ to be manifested in any kind of re-cycling and re-using objects of daily use. There is a wonderful joy in just painting an old envelope or a paper bag to make it re-usable or using it as a canvas, that I can’t explain! One such small wonder is creating your own pen out of newspaper!

    When Subhadra approached me to facilitate one such workshop at DMRC Boys home, I was overjoyed… because I knew that it was a wonderful opportunity in skill building of the boys at DMRC. I have always believed in art, and joys of creating a product that is usable (and easy to do!) as well as a means of self expression thereby fulfilling the purpose of Art Therapy!

    So there I was, overjoyed to see the turnout of around 20-25 boys all eagerly anticipating to make newspaper pens, something probably unimaginable, yet ‘Do It Yourself’ sort of a thing. The session was initiated with the meditation following which all the children received their sets of refills and sheets of newspaper. The boys were quick to learn and soon understood the procedure of rolling the pen to create the appropriate shape and then decorated them as per their own wishes. Needless to say, the tehelka interns were there alongside to help manage and guide the group of boys. The boys made some wonderful vibrant pens using paints and glitter. Well, I am sure the one who writes with them is going to cherish and who knows may even get ‘inspiration’ from The Pen itself!

    It was great to see the overwhelming response by the kids who wanted to make more pens even after completing theirs. This was just another attempt to have fun with ourselves and to self-absorb in some of the simplest things in life! I am hopeful that such art workshops continue taking place at tehelka as it definitely helps the children hone their skills, keeps them focused and engaged, and allows them to learn something new as well as explore their creativity…

    I thank the Yuva Ekta foundation team for gifting me a lovely fun-filled evening with the kids and I hope to come back again with such art attacks!

    – Bani Malhotra is pursuing Masters in Art Therapy from Washington, D.C seeking to bring together, the disciplines of art and psychology to use art therapeutically. she has a background in theatre and works with up-cycling to make diaries, newspaper pens, bags and wrapping papers etc and has been associated with the Foundation since her school days.

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