Planter up-cycling activity at Aradhana home for senior citizens

On 5th January 2018, we had our first interaction of the year at Aradhana Senior Citizen Home. After a brief warm up,the children from Bal Sahyog, a shelter home for boys in Connaught Place, ran into the home to meet their 'Daadis'. It was as if the entire home came to life as they shouted Happy New Year running around the corridors and peeping into the rooms. Wide smiles spread across the residents’ faces. We got to work in pairs for the day’s activity, which was to plant saplings in a disposable box and then paint it. They were all excited about the task. The residents held the saplings while the kids put compost into the planters.The elders made sure that the box was cleaned before they started to paint it. They exchanged various options to paint these planters and guided the kids, sometimes indulging them by giving in to their ideas. The highlight of our workshop was the fact that Mrs Banerjee, one of the senior residents at the home, came down for the first time to participate in the workshop. For the past few workshops, she was interested but watched the activity from her room, a floor above the activity space. This time, the enthusiasm of the kids was such that she came down and wholeheartedly participated in the workshop, paining a planter with her young partner from Bal Sahyog. You people should come more often. The entire home lights up when these children come and fill up the space with their laughter and energy.