To Painting Diyas and Cultivating Friendships

Last year, Denave India, an organisation based in Greater Noida,  presented us with an opportunity to display our work with Arts at a Diwali Exhibition in their offices. For us, it was more than just a presentation. It was a chance to connect and reach out. For this initiative, we organised a 'Diya-painting workshop' with citizens of Aradhana Senior Citizen's home and Bal Shayog, a shelter home for boys, under our newest project 'Homecoming- Bridging Generations'. Our effort in this project is to bring together ‘Youth at Riask’ living under ‘Care and Protection’ to inmates in Old Age Homes. This interaction is facilitated through Expressive Arts. Employees from Denave India also volunteered in this workshop and added a lot of enthusiasm and cheer in the atmosphere. Each piece was a story that we were proud to narrate. Many purchased items for Diwali, while some contributed to the cause. Each act of giving meant a connection with our intent and it is exactly what we’d hoped for. We further displayed our work at Diwali Exhibitions in Vasant Kunj and Teamwork Arts Pvt. Ltd. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Denave for giving us this opportunity and a big thank you to those who contributed to the cause. The proceeds collected from these exhibitions will go into facilitating more such Expressive Arts Programs. "I love painting. I do not remember the last time I played with colors like this, but I enjoyed this activity a lot. My young partner was a lot of fun to work with." Ms. Mohini, Resident, Aradhana Senior Citizen's home