Our Innovation lies in the use of Expressive Arts to engage with Social issues.

Using Theatre, Creative Writing, Painting and Body Movement, we encourage our participants to engage with peers from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, think critically, form their own ideas and opinions and in the process become agents of positive social change.

Our method therefore is our uniqueness. Our workshops become comfortable environments where participants learn to become more aware of themselves and ‘others’ through creative interaction. More often than not, we as individuals don’t realise how issues that we consider public, impact our personal lives. Arts is therefore a medium of self exploration, of understanding our role in the larger social processes.

Ten days ago, when I entered the workshop, I did not believe in the fact that we, the youth, had the power of affecting and influencing people and encouraging them to be the better people that they are. This workshop has taught me that everyone in this world, no matter what their caste, creed, color, shape, size; are the same and we all think alike and experience the same things. I have realized that we, the youth, can make a great impact on the world, to make it a better place for you and for me.

Simran Jain, Student, Jayshree Periwal High School
Participant at Jaipur Literature Festival Youth Outreach, 2016